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Address: 3 Devonshire Meadows, Broadley Park, Plymouth, PL67EZ

Phone: 07719955505



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How long does it take for my clothes to be delivered to my room?


Unicycle ensures a 24 hour turnaround, your clothes will be back to you the following day. The specific collection and drop off schedule on your account highlights the available time slots.     



What happens if I have more laundry to be washed than I thought?!

Not to worry! Our skilled Unicycle Peddlers (collection team...) will handle any excess laundry at your halls of residence for you.

I want to place an order, what do I do?

Head onto our website:, and log onto your account, or simply sign up. Once this level is complete, all that is left to do is pick a package that best suits you from our shop !



I am really not sure if this item can be washed, what should I do?

A useful question, which we have considered too! if you are unsure, take a look at a list provided on our website: , various items are listed there that cannot be washed with certain packages. If you still have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Are there any types of clothing that are not accepted?

Most items are accepted, however certain furs and suede fabrics may need more specific attention. Refer to our ‘items list’ on the Unicycle website: for an exact list of accepted items.


I am from China, will my card work?

Yes, yes it will! Unicycle is able to accommodate the use of all major cards, for example MasterCard, Visa to  American Express. As we operate using PayPal payment, so that either national or international cards can be accepted for our services!

Will I have to weigh my bag of clothes before you collect it?

We don’t want you to have to worry about little things like this, let us take care of it! Our Unicycle bags have either around 5 kg or 10 kg capacity, however if you are wondering about the weight our collection team will weigh it for you, and let you know.

What should I avoid not including in the Wash, Dry and Fold 5kg & 10Kg Bundle packages?

Make sure that you have not included any dry cleaning only items to the bag, as they may shrink in the tumble drier! If you are unsure, check our ‘items list’ to make doubly sure.


Do my colours and whites have to separate for the Wash, Dry and Fold package?

Take it easy! We will take care of separating your whites from coloured clothes at the shop, don’t worry about it.  


What temperature will you wash my clothes at?

Unicycle wants to ensure that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned and dried upon its arrival back to your door! We operated our top of the range, energy efficient washing machines at 40 degree temperature to ensure a thorough quality wash. Using the latest innovative tumble drying technology, the drying process is up to the highest standard , ensuring that your clothes are  dry, fresh and cared for.

What detergents do you use? Can the service be tailored to my preference?

Unicycle uses a non-bio products, as it is a non bio product that ensures a high quality wash is reached, alongside protecting your skin! We aim to care for you and your clothes, so do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any specific requirements.

When do I return the bag?

The bag is yours, keep it!  If you select either our Semester or Yearly Bundles, the Unicycle barrel bag belongs to you to fill up for your weekly washes, lucky you.

My clothes are still wet, and I need them washed. What should I do?

Get them as dry as possible before handing them over. This will ensure that they have the best chance of being washed to an impeccable standard !


What happens if I cannot meet my scheduled delivery time?

We understand how uni operates; we have you covered! All you have to do is let us know beforehand, either through email or give us a call; there are a couple of options you can choose:

1.  you designate a flat mate in the same halls to hold onto your bag for us to pick up.

2. We pick up at the later time slot scheduled that afternoon.



Help! I’ve missed my collection/delivery time slot, what do I do now?

DO NOT PANIC. Just don’t. These things happen. Simply drop us a line via email and our customer care team will advise you on what to do next. If we do not hear from you, we will be in touch to arrange a new delivery slot, but if we do not get a reply within 90 days, your clothing will be donated to a local charity




What if I cannot be at my halls of residence for collection/delivery?


If you email or call us at Unicycle (our info is here), and tell us the name, room number, mobile number of a friend in your flat/hall that is there to leave the bag with, we can collect it from them. No problem.



The Payment Process & Feedback

How can I pay?


The easiest method of payment is through the Unicycle website: , where after the checkout option you will be able to pay online with most major cards, for example MasterCard, Visa to  American Express. We also accept payments from your room when we collect your bags, if you loved our service and want to renew your package for next semester or week. We can even meet you one on one to sign up, if you feel more comfortable that way, or want more info, contact us via email or by calling us.




Talk to Us ! 

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