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''Both my brother and I have many fond memories of travelling back from overseas to spend a couple of weeks adventuring around Salcombe/Kingsbridge Estuary as kids. We would usual be very reliant on our parents jumping in at being the first ones to rent out one of the rickety house boats, which have, even to my surprise today remained afloat, what with all the leaks littering the roof;  a miracle of design!  ''
''Through our experiences living on a boat & in a caravan for a period of time the laundry piles up and sometimes a quick freshen up is required so that everyone can enjoy the holiday without the worry of daily chores. 
We all value our time, meaning not having to fret about the simple annoyances of daily life when we are on holiday and that is exactly what Unicycle Laundry was created for. Our services have been created to help holiday makes with their laundry needs in the most convenient way possible.''